Areas of intervention

Civil servants and public officials

The firm intervenes in particular in matters of:
  • disciplinary action, before referral to the Disciplinary Board,
  • unpaid or reduced salary, salary, balance, bonuses
  • overpayment decision
  • harassment
  • leave and recognition of service accident

Medical or public works accident

Medical acts and work carried out by communities can generate accidents with serious consequences on the physical and professional level. Support is often necessary to be properly defended.

Town planning

The firm advises its clients on building permits or planning permission, as well as environmental authorisation.

Local authorities and public services

We intervene in the entire field of the legality of the acts of local authorities, in order to secure their decision and the contracts they wish to conclude.

Public order

Whether before the signing of a public contract or a contract with a community, or whether after its signature to verify its proper execution, the firm assists you and verifies the most favorable conditions for you.

Authorization and permits issued by the State

We can advise you and assist you before the courts in the following cases:
  • Authorization to possess a weapon
  • Administrative closure of a drinking establishment
  • Control of approvals for security guards,
As well as for any decision of the administration which you believe causes you harm.

Building Real Estate

The firm advises and assists builders and owners at each stage of the construction site in terms of contractual liability, ten-year guarantee, …


We advise and assist foreigners in contesting the decisions of the prefectures and the OFPRA, for OQTFs, asylum applications, family reunification, naturalization, …



In order to ensure a global defense of our clients, we also intervene in criminal law, in particular in the procedures:

  • Violation of environmental or town planning law,
  • Functional protection of public officials, civil servants and elected officials,
  • In terms of the offense of favoritism and offenses related to public procurement.