The amount of fees depends on the procedure discussed with your lawyer.

But the first question to ask is not:

“What will my lawyer cost me? »

But rather :

“Couldn’t my legal protection insurance cover my costs?” »

Whether you are an individual or a community, you should ask your insurance to find out the amount of cover provided for in your contract.

The fees are then determined in full transparency and in writing with your lawyer, systematically by signing a fee agreement which will summarize:

  • the type of mission entrusted;
  • and its foreseeable cost;

A provision will be requested when the file is opened, generally corresponding to one third of the overall fees. The rest of the fees will be invoiced according to due diligence, which in itself allows for ease and staggering of payment.

Depending on the type of procedure initiated and in the event of a claim for compensation for damages, the agreement will provide for the application of a result fee in addition to the main fee, which will also be discussed with your lawyer.

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